Unchanged Quality for 20 Years

For 20 years, we continue to produce with unchanging quality and desire.

New Methods in Agriculture

As it is known in agriculture, old methods leave their place to machinery and mechanization, reducing manpower.

After sales service

Our products are used efficiently by our farmers.


Our products are guaranteed for 2 years against manufacturing defects. Be sure to ask for your document.


Our Products Are Manufactured By Experienced Masters.


Our Products Are Guaranteed Against Manufacturing Errors.


Using 1st class raw material in our machines, it is durable and long-lasting.

Our products are patented

The Products We Produce Are Under Protection By The Turkish Patent And Trademark Office. Patent No: 2019/16123 – 2019/06239

Domestic and National

Domestic and National

In our company, domestic bearings, domestic gearboxes, domestic steel and sheet metal parts, local facilities from design to production are preferred.

1st Class Material

1st Class Material

The chassis parts of our products, bolts, bearings, seals and blades are supplied from first class suppliers.



It is possible to reach technical information about our products and after sales either by calling our dealers or the factory.

Spare part

Spare part

Unlimited spare parts support is provided for our products. Manufactured products are available in our spare parts stocks for 10 years.

Continuous Change

High efficiency, quality product

While the products we produce for our customers get high efficiency, the products produced are presented in a quality way.



The manufactured products and new products constantly modernize themselves according to the environment and market conditions.


We go to great lengths to identify impressive new talent self starters with specific skill sets to produce truly amazing results.